Our mission is to help riders keep their bikes, bike racks, and cars safe and sound whichever rack system you use. We designed what we hope you will find is an incredibly simple, inexpensive, and effective product.

The problem is when you are transporting your bikes on your roof or rear rack you sometimes forget they are there.  We’ve done it several times. We’ve damaged bikes, racks, cars and garage roofs. So we developed a simple solution. The clings come with a hard backing so when you are ready to head out to the trail or your next road ride just peel the 4 x 4 or 3 x 6 inch cling off and stick it up on your windshield or side window. They are a colorful reminder you have lots of expensive gear hooked up to your car. When you get home safely just take it off,  put it back on the backing to protect it, and put it away wherever it is handy for the next trip. They are NOT permanent stickers. They work best when you use them ONLY when you transport your gear.

Here is a closeup of what one looks like in action. At 3 x 5 inches this one isn't much bigger than your oil change sticker.


 If you still aren't sure how they work or just need a little more convincing these are the best bike car roof and rear rack reminders ever made watch this short video.