Look Up Dummy!™ vinyl window cling bike rack warning best use practices

1) Simply:

Peel your cling off its backing when you get ready to drive off with your toys on top!

Position your cling on your windshield where it will be a visual reminder, but smartly not block your vision.

Return home and store your cling on its backing - ready to go for your next adventure!


Our Look Up Dummy!™ vinyl clings do not use adhesive, so they can be removed and re-used again and again, leaving no mess on your windows.


2) Should I keep my Look Up Dummy!™ window cling up all the time? 

      • No. You should take down and store your cling when you don't have your bike or gear racked. As the cling is designed to be a visual reminder, our eyes would become habituated to having it there, and we wouldn't notice it any more.

      3) What if my Look Up Dummy!™ window cling gets crumpled or dirty?

      •  If your window cling should get dirty or crumpled simply rinse it off and flatten - ready to go again!
        Look Up Dummy!™ windshield clings are designed to be a constant visual reminder that your bike or gear is on the roof or rear rack.