Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Roof Rack Carryall

Life before rocketbox roof rack organizers
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Remember your rig is on the rack with our bike rack reminder

Visual bike roof rack reminder to protect your bike
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Don't learn the hard way, just buy one of our bike rack reminders.

I smashed my bike into my garage because I forgot that it was on the roof.
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Bike rack worked great! Driving it into garage - NOT GREAT!

"BMW rack works well. Just remember to take the bike off before driving into the garage. I was disgusted after I destroyed my $4K bike, my 1 year old 335i, and my garage door. The amazing part is the roof of the car was fine beside the part where the rail hit the edge of the roof line and window. The attachments to the car had no damage and never touched the top of the car. Very well designed rack system that prevents the rack from touching the car, even with an idiot behind the wheel driving too fast into his garage."

Drove my bike on the roof rack into my garage!

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Heading out for spring riding!

Spring riding - arrive with bikes intact

Headed to Fruita and Grand Junction! Check out our bike rack reminder on the windshield up by the oil change sticker. Hopefully, this guy, with both bikes on the roof rack and rear rack, has his reminder!

Be sure to check the trail conditions before you go at Over the Edge Sports trail report site and be sure to stop in and buy what you forgot!




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