Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Bike Roof Rack Caution Device

We are getting ready to start riding again! First men's ride this coming Wednesday in the Denver Front Range. (Green Mountain - of course!)  It's super easy to get distracted and forget that the bikes are on the roof when we want to grab that before ride coffee or the after the ride beer. That's why we definitely don't forget to put our  LOOKUPDUMMY window cling up near the oil change sticker.

It works!

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Our simple little reminder that our bikes are on the roof rack because frankly, it's painful to forget.

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Our home garages are only one low clearance danger for our roof racked bikes

The trails are calling. You need a reusable bike roof rack reminder before you head out. 

garages are only one low clearance danger for bike racks

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Hey Bikers - The Trails Are Calling - Arrive To and From With Your Bikes Intact

Even though it's winter, there is still some riding to be found! Load up those bikes and arrive to and from your winter adventures with your gear intact using one of our  bike rack warning clings. You never know when you just otherwise might forget and pay the price hitting a low overhang picking up a breakfast burrito and coffee, or when you head home and push that garage door open...
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This is where our bike roof rack warning system all started...

We have what you need - a colorful, friendly reminder that your bike is on the rack!
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