Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Avoid SMASHING your Bike! Look Up Dummy Rack Reminder - Sale!

Avoid smashing your bike - Look Up Dummy SALE!
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Look Up Dummy - Father's Day SALES Coming!

Bike Rack Reminder Sale
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Free Shipping for all Domestic Orders

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Bike Rack Crash AVOIDANCE Behavior!

Save your bike from crashing into garage and low overhangs!

Step 1) Peel your Look Up Dummy window cling.

Step 2) Place bike rack reminder window cling in the windshield, and THEN put the bike on roof or rear rack.

Step 3) Arrive to ride and return with BIKE, CAR, GARAGE intact!

(Store your cling for another adventure.)

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A Look Up Dummy!™ cling. What is it?

Look Up Dummy!™ cling warns you that your bike, gear, or rocket-box is on your roof or rear rack Just place our small, removable, and reusable vinyl cling on your windshield or side window; it's a simple way to save your bike, car, garage, tree branch, fast food drive-through from expensive damage.
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