Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

The trails are calling. Don't forget your bike rack reminder.

Don't leave home without your bike rack reminder.
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I wish that I would've used my lookupdummy bike roof rack reminder...

Roof Rack Reminder

As a two time veteran of roof rack (car, garage) damage we have designed an easy to use, reusable, colorful bike rack reminder to keep us all from destroying or favorite toys by running them in to low overhanging obstacles when attached to a car's roof. Every biker needs one. (Roof and rear rack reminders available.)

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Rear Bike Rack Reminder

Rear bike rack reminder
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It's not that we are stupid, it's just easy to forget that our bikes are on the roof.

Don't forget about your bike on the roof of your vehicle.

Let's face it, it's easy to forget our bike is on the roof rack when we are tired, hungry, or distracted.

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I just GARAGED my bike on the roof of my car!
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