Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Roof rack protection for skis, snow boards, fat bikes, and rocket boxes

Love to ski, but long for when we can throw the bikes back up on the roof rack and RIDE!

Roof rack skis, snowboards, fat bikes, and rocket boxes

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Bikes on roof rack of '89 Vanagon

We like our bikes on top of our '89 Vanagon...we even bought GoWesty struts to be able to pop the top WITH the bikes racked up safe and sound. Where do you carry your bikes?

Bikes on Vanagon Rooftop

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Roof Rack Safety

Roof Rack or Rear Rack? We like having our bikes on the roof for three reasons: 1) bikes stay cleaner and exposed to less abrasion - avoiding road crap 2) bikes are "more difficult" to steal quickly 3) unimpeded back hatch and doors
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How "I" Built This

Our mission: saving bikes, cars, and garages one window cling reminder at a time.
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What's Your Bike Rack Preference? Roof or Rear Rack?

What is your preference for carrying your bike to and from your ride? ROOF RACK or REAR RACK? We're roof rack people because we don't like the dust and grime that accumulates on the bikes when they're hanging out back. They just "feel" safer up there as well.

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