Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Rear Bike Mount Carrier Reminder

Rear bike racks mounts are convenient, but vulnerable. Protect your ride.
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Rear Rack or Roof Rack - Either way: PROTECT YOUR BIKE

Check out the Mind Your Rear - Bike Rear Rack Windshield Reminder and Warning System - A Non-Adhesive Removable and Reusable Vinyl Window Cling - Save Your Bike Car and Rack from Damage!

Rear Bike Rack Reminder

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Protecting Your Bike and Gear on the Roof Rack

Traveling to and from trails, bikes on roof, need protection. Place lookupdummy window cling reminder in your windshield. Avoid crashing your expensive bike into low overhangs, garages, and drive-thru coffee and breakfast burrito joints.
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How can you protect your bike on your roof rack? Easy!

How can you protect your bike on your roof rack? Look Up Dummy Windshield Clings - the best car roof and rear rack reminder and warning product ever.  Removable, Non-adhesive, and Reusable. Place on your windshield or side window as a constant reminder that your gear is on the roof or rear rack.
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Avoid the cost, hassle and embarrassment with the best bike rack reminder

bike on roof rack damaged by garage
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