Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Our home garages are only one low clearance danger for our roof racked bikes

The trails are calling. You need a reusable bike roof rack reminder before you head out. 

garages are only one low clearance danger for bike racks

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Hey Bikers - The Trails Are Calling - Arrive To and From With Your Bikes Intact

Even though it's winter, there is still some riding to be found! Load up those bikes and arrive to and from your winter adventures with your gear intact using one of our  bike rack warning clings. You never know when you just otherwise might forget and pay the price hitting a low overhang picking up a breakfast burrito and coffee, or when you head home and push that garage door open...
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This is where our bike roof rack warning system all started...

We have what you need - a colorful, friendly reminder that your bike is on the rack!
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These are a few of our favorite clings!

If you transport your bike with a roof or rear rack, or have a rocket box, you'll want one of our reusable rack/gear reminders. These easy to use, reusable, colorful window clings will help you stay aware of the fact that your gear is vulnerable to smashing it on low overhangs and garages.
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Low Overhang Hazard at McDonalds Drive Thu

Low overhang hazards are everywhere. It's easy to forget the height of your gear on your roof as you pick up that pre-ride cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich. Our window cling reminded us to check before driving through - good thing!
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