Tell Us Your Story Bike Rack Crashes

Rig On Rack Bike Rack Reminder

Pretty catchy colors eh? The better to remind us that our expensive bikes are riding high!

Have you got a story that led you here?  Let us know!

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Clearly, some people need a roof rack reminder!

It's happened to all of us, or we've heard about it from one of our buddies - that sickening sound of our gear smashing against a low overhang. Email us your story, and we'll send you a free roof or rear rack reminder!
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Smashed bikes into fast food overhang. Now we use a bike rack reminder. End of crash stories.

bike smashed into low overhang while on my way to riding area

We've got ours bike roof rack crash story.

What's your story?

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Roof or Rear Rack?

BIkes on roof rack or rear rack? Which do you prefer?

Do you carry your bikes on a roof rack or a rear rack?

Which do you prefer, and why? Tell us your story.

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Someone needed a low clearance roof rack reminder!

low clearance bike and gear rack reminder to avoid smashing results

After a ride in the Fruita/Grand Junction area, we sometimes lightly, with no pressure, rinse the grit off the bikes. Clearly someone forgot to pay attention to the clearance height! 

Tell us your low clearance crash story, and we will send you two free rack reminders!

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