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Failed to Remember My Bike Was On The Roof - CRUNCH!

"I have a 2005 Honda Accord with Thule rack installed. One day after returning from a  ride, I failed to realize that my bike was on the roof, and pulled into my carport. I was notified of the presence of my bike by a loud crunching noise. The bike was on a fork mounted carrier, and was resting nose down on the car. The tip of the seat barely caught the steel beam supporting the roof of the carport, and pushed the bike backwards, dislodging the roof rack from the car breaking the bike rack itself, and denting the car door sill. Thankfully, the bike seems perfectly fine, but I need a way to remind myself, so there is not a next time. After some googling, I found lookupdummy. The end for now, hopefully forever."

~D. Park

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Tesla AND bike VS Garage

“I drove into my garage with my bike on my Tesla Model 3 with a full glass roof and did over $7K in damage to the Tesla alone!  
This (bike rack reminder) works especially well for a model 3 because you can put the sticker over your garage door opener on the dash and still have full access to the rest of the screen. 
It’s such a simple fix and it works.  I only wish I had it before shattering all the glass panels on my roof!" 
~Brian M
Bike vs Garage Crash
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Protect your expensive bike, car, rack...roof and rear rack

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Rear-ended. Bike crushed. Our eye-catching MIND THE REAR reverse window cling might just keep them off your tail!

Rear mount bike carrier crash tell your story

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Roof and Rear Bike Rack Wrecks - We've all "heard" stories! Share yours!

Roof Rack Wreckage
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