Tell Us Your Story Bike Rack Crashes

Avoid Fast Food Drive-thru Bike Rack DI$A$TER!

"Before a rally a few weeks back, I cruised through the drive through for a breakfast burrito... It ended up being a $70.00 breakfast... No, I didn't order that much. I thought I had enough clearance.... I was 99% for sure that I had driven through that one before. I guess not."    Triathlete -K

Bike smashed in drive through

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Roof racks can transport your gear safely, easily, and in style...but you have to remember your gear is on top!

Tell us your story of the time you forgot your gear on top of your car. And prevent it ever happening again with a gear rack reminder. 

How to avoid smashing your bike when it is on the roof of your vehicle


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"I have a buddy with a roof rack who's nailed his bike a couple times, totaled it once."

NOT ONCE does someone bring up the topic of smashing their bike into their garage, that fast food breakfast burrito place, or the "java hut", without the conversation quickly gaining pace to see who can out-do the other with the crazy crash they've had, or one or two of their buddies... Go ahead - buy our bike rack reminder and save yourself the embarrassment, hassle, and EX$PEN$E!
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Uh oh...I failed to realize my bike was on the roof and ranmed into carport

"I have a 2005 Honda Accord with Thule rack installed. One day after returning from a  ride, I failed to realize that my bike was on the roof, and pulled into my carport. I was notified of the presence of my bike by a loud crunching noise. The bike was on a fork mounted carrier, and was resting nose down on the car. The tip of the seat barely caught the steel beam supporting the roof of the carport, and pushed the bike backwards, dislodging the roof rack from the car breaking the bike rack itself, and denting the car door sill. Thankfully, the bike seems perfectly fine, but I need a way to remind myself, so there is not a next time. After some googling, I found lookupdummy. The end for now, hopefully forever" 

~DJ Park  April 5 2020

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A simple, great idea to avoid killing your bike, rack, and car roof!

What a simple, great idea! Too many riders have killed their bike, rack and car roof by forgetting that their bike was loaded.
Think of a Colorform sticker for your car. Easy on, easy off. Reusable forever.
~ Tim S.  Facebook  5 Star review  April 6, 2020
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