WARNING SIGN Removable & Reusable Car Roof & Rear Bike Rack Reminder and Warning Vinyl Window Cling 3 X 5 Inches BOGO! FREE SHIPPING! LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Look Up Dummy

$ 5.97

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So you've done your ride. You are hungry so off to the bank ATM and then to your favorite drive-thru for some chow. If you are lucky they have a big caution sign warning you that they have a low over-hang and again if you are lucky you pay attention and remember you have thousands of hard-earned dollars on the roof of your car. If not then.. well lets not think about that because you took 5 minutes out and got the best bike rack alert system ever made. Otherwise there could be a metal on metal sound and possible a call to your insurance agent. And a trip to the bike and car repair shop.

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3 X 5 Inches Removable and Reusable Vinyl Window Cling


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