Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder / Avoid damaging garage

You'd think we'd remember...get your bike rack reminder - just in case.

You'd think that we'd remember all the effort we took to put our bikes on the roofs of our cars, but just in case, use our bike roof rack reminder.

Just in case we forget our bike is on the roof rack. Get our bike rack reminder.

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Roof and Rear Rack Reminder

Frankly, we just don't ever leave home for a ride without our roof rack reminder in place. You shouldn't either.

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Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder

Tired and hungry after a ride, you push that garage door button, and then you hear that sickening sound of metal on metal of the bike vs. garage collision. Avoid the cost of repairing bike, garage door, and car - use one of our colorful reusable window cling bike rack reminders. 

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