Tell Us Your Bike Roof or Rear Rack Crash or Accident Story

Tell us about that time you crashed your bike roof rack into your garage, tree limb, ATM, or fast food drive-through. Or your rear rack got smashed up your in a parking lot or on the road. 


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  • Biadiafof says...

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    May 28, 2021

  • Paul says...

    Ok As a founder of Look Up Dummy theres another incident in my mind that led us to this company. Were heading to Santa Fe with the other company founder and missed the turn into our B & B. Make the next turn in the dark. It was a parking lot to turn around in. Heard a “clink, clink, clink” What the hell is that noise? Well lots of places in Santa Fe have lights strung through the parking lots. Fortunately we were taking the other founders small Subaru not my SUV. Our roof racked bikes just barely fit under the string of lights. In my car we would have torn them all down. What a stroke of luck! Need something to remind us the cars are up on our roof rack. Please think of something. Hence

    June 06, 2016

  • Paul Aiken says...

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That’s what my brother said as his beautiful bike skidded down the hood of his car and fell to the payment of the Boston Market drive through. We were heading up for a ride and got to chatting. “Lets get some food”, one of us said. And heading to the chicken joint neither one of us thought to look up at the overhanging awning above the drive-through window. Wham! Pretty embarrassing for the dumb brother. Fortunately minimal damage to the car bike and rack. However I heard later he smashed his bike on his roof rack into a tree limb and did some serious damage to both. Must be genetics. Of course we sent him LookUPDummy clings. Don’t want to hear any more sad stories.

    Paul Co Founder Look UP Dummy

    June 04, 2016

  • Tammy Falcone says...

    Alright…I’ll start this blog off. My story, as CO-FOUNDER of, you will see that there is definitely a reason why we started this company. We (I) am the DUMMY!
    It was the SOUND.The ripping, grinding, heart-wrenching sound. The sound of my bike being racked, for the SECOND TIME, against the garage as I drove home after a ride. “OH MY #@*!!!” I couldn’t believe it?! I was embarrassed, looking around to see which one of my neighbors heard the sonic crash.
    I literally had to replace my car. It was just going to be TOO expensive to repair the roof damage. Now, after I put my bike up on the rack, I put my sticker in the window, ride, return, remove bike, remove sticker. Rest in Peace

    June 04, 2016

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