LOOK UP DUMMY LOGO Removable & Reusable Car Roof & Rear Bike Rack Reminder and Warning Vinyl Window Cling 3 X 5 Inches BOGO! FREE SHIPPING! LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Look Up Dummy

$ 5.97

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We get to talking, we are tired, thirsty or even need to use the restroom. We hit the driveway and up comes the garage door and then bang! Open the wallet because you just forget your rig was on your car roof and you did some serious damage to your bike, car, rack and even your house. Hopefully you haven't destroyed you bike. Look Up Dummy clings solve this problem. Its not hard. Just grab one out of your console and stick it up on your car window or/and windshield where it will be a constant visual reminder you have your bikes on your roof. When you are done just put it away. That way ONLY when you drive with your bikes is it there. Forget all the other ideas. This one works.

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3 X 5 Inches Removable and Reusable Vinyl Window Cling

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