MIND THE RACK Removable & Reusable Car Roof & Rear Bike Rack Reminder and Warning Vinyl Window Cling 4 X 4 Inches BOGO! FREE SHIPPING! LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Look Up Dummy

$ 5.97

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Whether its your garage roof, a tree limb, a parking garage, a fast food drive through or any low overhang, they are all there to smash and grab your beautiful bike, wreck your rack and beat up your vehicle because you clean forgot you had your wonderful ride on the roof of your car. It's never IF, it's WHEN. And when it happens it's expensive. So if you never want to hear the crunching sound of metal on metal and want to never call your insurance agent pick up one of these really inexpensive and easy to use lookupdummy.com reminders.

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4 X 4 Inches Removable and Reusable Vinyl Window Cling


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