Best Bike Roof Rack Reminder


I have no photo to post with this news - that's because I really DID ride right into a bear. Would you take a photo?! 

Yesterday, flying down Ridge and then the flowy Rotary trail in Steamboat, I banked around a corner and LOOK UP DUMMY - there was a bear! Zowie! Since this dummy is riding on her own this week, I'd better be more careful. Here is an article to help us prepare and be more aware.…/biking-in-bear-country-a-gui…/

Be sure, as you are getting out to ride, to get your lookupdummy window cling bike rack reminder.

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Tell Us YOUR Bike Rack Crash Story

Tell us about that time you crashed your bike roof rack into your garage, tree limb, ATM, or fast food drive-through. Or your rear rack got smashed up in a parking lot or on the road. Click HERE to post your story...and know that you are not alone.

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Avoid SMASHING your Bike! Look Up Dummy Rack Reminder - Sale!

Avoid smashing your bike - Look Up Dummy SALE!
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Look Up Dummy - Father's Day SALES Coming!

Bike Rack Reminder Sale
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Free Shipping for all Domestic Orders

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